We love breakbeats. Breaks of all sorts. Florida, Funky, Nu Skool, 2-step, Jungle, whatever — as long as there’s a breakbeat, we’re happy. So we commissioned one of our favorite breakbeat DJs — London’s Rhythm Method — to prep for us a LIAS exclusive one-hour mixture of some of his favorite vintage breaks. The Disassociates […]

I met the Sick Girls a little over 3 years ago when in Berlin covering its nascent Nu bass/Euro Crunk scene, and even back then the girls knew how to lay it down. Alexandra Droener and Johanna Grabsch first met as bookers at the now legendary WMF Club, but were bored of the stale sounds […]

20 Aug
Leader of the Nu Skool

It’s no secret I love breaks. Are they corny? A little bit. Do they make me wanna shake my booty and punch a meter maid in the face? Absolutely. Rennie Pilgrem’s one of the originators of the New School. Download his new mix HERE.