27 Jun
Photographer John Crawford's aerial nudes project

New Zealand’s John Crawford gives us nude photographs for more shock and awe. It’s hard to imagine his subject outside of his environment because of the aerial view and the odd setting, each masterfully crafted by Crawford himself. The aerial nudes are sort of dark; the nudity of the woman splat against the epic man-made […]

16 Feb
Barbara Nitke's photography book on the world of 1980s XXX

Photographer Barbara Nitke began her career working in pornography in the early 80s — consider Boogie Nights, only without prosthetic genitalia and cherry red Corvettes. Nitke at the time was hired as a set photographer and saw the entire industry through a lens and perspective that very few were privy to. Besides shooting many of […]

Wow — who would’ve thunk it? Already the 50th volume in our beloved and illustrious Because We Love You Series, and who better to knock it out than homegrown Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol. We’ve shown some of Oriol’s work before, including when we interviewed him for the coffee table book counterpart to this aptly titled […]

The latest marketing masterpiece by British luxury lingerie house Agent Provocateur, titled Les Fleurs du Mal (“The Flowers of Evil”). Just like the last risque Soiree film, the girls get weird at a nudity-filled home invasion — turning into voracious bizarro fashionista cannibals that transform a meek housewife into some sort of lingerie vamp. The […]

Melbourne, AustraliaArtist JKB Fletcher has done a series of photorealistic paintings based on photographs he took combining female models in various states of nudity with iconic superhero characteristics. The Angels With Dirty Faces exhibit is showing this month at the Melbourne, Australia art gallery FortyFive Downstairs. “Physically my painting is about creating form, depth and […]

27 Jul
The very unmundane world of Reuben Negron

Reuben Negron paints hyper-realistic watercolors, each piece seeming like a film still capturing a moment of a story for eternity. Although much of the art is sexually charged, he claims his art explores the intricacies of the mundane…but if this is his world (eg bondage, girl-on-girl, auto arousal, implied infidelity, etc), and this is what […]

1 Sep
Speaking of hovering your cursor

We’ve known for years that zeh Germans are the master race when it comes to their degenerate sexual appetites—as a matter of fact I’m often in awe of them—so the above images from Sebastian Kempa‘s portfolio shouldn’t shock the senses into an autoerotic scatathon. And not to take the fun out of it, but I’ve […]