The Stay Sharp tumbler by Best Made combines both style and design in one. The tumbler, which come in a set of two, are made from Ankole Cattle Horn and polished to a flawlessly smooth finish. Each one is produced for the company by a 170 year old horn works company in England and engraved […]

23 Jun
Buyer beware of people staring at your fanny constantly

Bike seat as art? Well, Wisconsin-based Kara Ginther seems to be making it that way. With her custom made, hand engraved, and hand painted saddles, she seems to be elevating the hobby of bicycles to a whole new level. Thus far she’s only worked with Brooks saddles because of the quality of leather her work […]

17 Jun
Whiskey Barrel Speakers the perfect gift for any alcohol loving musician

Nothing goes down smoother then good whiskey and good music, that’s why Pioneer took it upon themselves to combine the two. The Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers are made from repurposed whiskey barrels after their engineers “found that solid oak wood from whiskey barrels had great acoustic properties.” I wouldn’t doubt that, plus, its a very […]

4 Jun
When briefcase and backpack combine

The Palmer & Sons Suitcase No 03 certainly has a lot going for it. It’s a reworking of a vintage style, which is always highly appreciated. Apart from that, Palmer and Sons are proud to proclaim that each bag is “custom built one at a time”; this would decidedly make the vintage bag a one-of-a-kind […]

18 Mar
Set sail with Puma

The Puma Kite Team LE’s were made in honor of the Puma Volvo Ocean Race Team, who came in second place last year. Each of the 500 pairs are constructed from a piece of the sail that was used in the race and is numbered on the tongue to give you a bit of perspective […]