Famed Italian luxury goods firm Tod’s has recently released the world’s most expensive iPad case (for now, anyways). The case, which is finished in genuine alligator skin, is priced at about $4,900…which is approximately ten times the cost of a 16 GB iPad itself. Talk about opulent. Each iPad case is handmade in Italy from […]

6 Aug
Mansory's Linea Vincero d'Oro takes it one step too far

The problem Bugatti is having is that although their Veyron is absolutely world class, they’ve basically been pushing the same model for nearly a decade (longer if you count the concept). Sure they’ve changed colors, added polished aluminum, kitted it out with carbon fiber and cut off its roof, but in the end its just […]

21 Jun
Buy a miniature Bugatti Veyron...for double the price of an actual Veyron

Wow, of all the retarded things you can purchase in this world this quite possibly has to be among the retardedest. This 15 pound (7 kgs) solid 24 carat gold and platinum model of a Bugatti Veyron will cost you approximately double what the actual $1.5 million supercar will cost you. Double. I wince at […]

6 Apr
Old money bling meets new technology

If you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, then you’re probably also living well beyond your means. Check your bank account balance with this limited edition Macbook Air SUPREME ICE. Yes, using caps lock is necessary when describing this 25.5 carat diamond encrusted laptop. The famed Apple is comprised of these 53 […]

5 Apr
DaVinci's UniSon MK II still in love with vinyl

While vinyl continues taking hits as a mainstream sonic medium, it remains the preferred option for true audiophiles for its wider dynamic range and quality. Sure vinyl has even lost its place in the hallowed bins of DJs across the globe, who’ve put down their crates and clicked on their Seratos, but investment in a […]