Is it a sneaker? Or is a strangely aerodynamic clog? These are the mysteries where our feet-oriented fashion can take us. French Industrial design house Ora-Ito and the estate of American design legends Charles and Ray Eames are the forces who have concepted these Dutch clog-like joggers for Nike. The idea means to take inspiration from Eames’ famed and much-bootlegged 670 […]

18 Jan
Reclaimed sporks, plastic red cups and Le Corbusier chairs

Last week we brought you the ingenious Hangover Lamp and freezable beer tray, courtesy of one Luis Luna. Well his talents lay much deeper than simply reclaiming plastic red cups and making them pretty. Sure, we also love the Gluttony Lamp above — which does similar work as the Hangover Lamp only with plastic cutlery […]

30 Nov
A bold and dramatic way to mark the passage of time

I’m not sure what I think about this. I’m not totally hating on it. I can’t knock the unconventional design Alexandros took on his Ora concept. I love how he said screw traditional dial arrangements and replaced the normal with interwoven measuring tape looking strips. One to indicate the hour, one to indicate the minute […]