16 Jun
Talk about 91 proof mud flaps, my girls got 'em

Is there a way to even glance at this Oregon-based bourbon-style whiskey and not think of Spinal Tap’s biggest hit? You know there’s some Nigel Tufnel and David St. Hubbins fans at Big Bottom Whiskey — an independent bottler that works with multiple distilleries to source their products. Two of their products include their New […]

23 May
Grey plaid design woven in pure virgin wool

The Ace Hotel New York’s signature plaid blanket is now available for purchase via their online shop for $150. Made exclusively for the Ace NYC by the established wool makers at Pendleton, the blankets are fashioned of pure virgin wool in a unique design specifically created for the New York hotel in Pendleton’s Oregon mills. […]

31 Mar
Two manufacturers of performance and luxury collaborate

This afternoon Audi announced its collaboration with Renovo Hardwood Bicycles to create a high performance, yet luxurious 2-wheeler. Last year we covered the R4 Pursuit by Renovo (the world’s only all-hardwood bike manufacturer), and the bicycles are truly beautiful designs, so it’s a fitting compliment to Audi who continue to gobble up market share from […]

8 Feb
The only time bridges and gin should mix

Named after the many bridges of its home city, Portland’s 12 Bridges Gin is a small batch, hand-crafted gin that combines the sophistication of London dry with the bold flavor of Dutch genever. Aptly named for the number of bridges in Portland, and for the 12 botanicals in its recipe, 12 Bridges has incorporated bridges […]

10 Nov
Every belt, bag, and wallet is cut, constructed, and branded by hand by a small team of designers

I’ve got mad respect for what Mark and Sam, the brains behind Portland, Oregon based Tanner Goods, are doing. They’ve got serious dedication to their craft and it shows. All products are made to order in their Portland based leather studio and produced on an individual basis. Every belt, bag, and wallet is cut, constructed, […]