7 Nov
Premium gloves with cleverly suggestive branding

Original Fake releases some cleverly branded high quality leather gloves for Fall/Winter 2011. The gloves come in two shades of its premium leather, brown and black, and utilize an embossed “X” on the gloves’ upper in reference to artist KAWS’ signature look. Very nice gloves with only a suggestion of the artist behind the look […]

25 Jun
Twist your Hipster to 11

I know, I know. In recent years the Frogskin has taken the stigma of being the quintesential hipster eyewear. They have surpassed the Wayfarer in trendy/streetwear/überhipster crowds due to their mass production and range of colorways. With that in mind I still cant get over a new shiny pair. Oakley have collab’d on the Frogskins […]