30 Aug
Hammacher Schlemmer's omnipotent "Thunderclap" Alarm Clock

Do you have a problem waking up via alarm clock? Is your first instinct to sleep right through its incessant ringing, if not smashing it against the wall with one potent Jonathan Papelbon-like fastball against the wall? Then you might be in the market for the Thunderclap Alarm Clock — a 113-decibel screamer that’s loud […]

22 Feb
The Boxetti Modular Furniture Collection

Maximizing the usability of your living space is the difference between having a supreme party pad or a cluttered flop house. The space-saving, modular furniture collection from Boxetti is easy on the eyes but heavy on the man-purse. The bedroom piece, for example, is priced at just over $10,600 (8000 Euros). This is maximum price […]