27 Sep
Battle-tested blues, garage, doo-wop & post-rock n' roll

Have you heard Hanni El Khatib? The first generation half Palestinian/half Filipino is just bad ass, angrily riffing out a cunning execution of classic American blues, garage, punk and doo-wop into a post-rock n’ roll frenzy. Just hit play on his “Come Alive” video below and you’ll know instantly if you’ll like his music — […]

24 Oct
Palestine plays their first home football/soccer/fútbol game EVER

When I venture forth from this mortal coil, off into the cold dark void of nothingness, there will exist only a handful of moments to comfort me into the night — a sacred series of moments that I will always consider epic. As in, truly epic — the stuff of lore and immortality. The time […]

3 Nov
Palestine vs. Jordan, the Best Soccer Game Ever

When I first found out I was invited to go to Ramallah last week to watch the Palestinian National Team play Jordan in soccer/football/fútbol, I’ll admit I was a bit anxious. Excited yes, but also nervous. Not only about going to the West Bank — you know, that tea kettle simmering at 1 degree below […]

Is it Schadenfreude to feel glee at this woman’s impending defeat? Kinda? But doesn’t this ass-clown totally have it coming? I’m absolutely petrified that Republicans are gonna cheat on several battleground states, as they did in Ohio in 2004 and Florida in 2000. CNN is already reporting country-wide purging of legitimate voters, so it’s not […]

27 Oct
Madman Mundt’s Epic Moments In Life

There are a handful of moments in my life that I will always consider epic. The time I snuck into a Yucatan cenote during a hurricane, and had the whole thing to myself and my imaginary girlfriend. Interviewing Iggy Pop. Hitting 184 mph in a Bugatti Veyron in 3 seconds flat. Seeing Rage Against the […]

26 Oct
Madman Mundt Is Off To Ramallah

Caught Ciam last night in Jaffa, Israel. I was anxious to see how they’d perform live, and in the end, I was surprised at how amped the crowd was for them. It makes sense tho, as the band was huge in Israel in the early 90s, had their biggest hits here, and they sold so […]

24 Oct
Madman Mundt Touches Down

The Madman just landed in Israel to cover Ciam playing this Saturday at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art – Israel’s MoMA, basically. And as cool as it is to be here, I have to say I feel more twisted than Cheney’s soul right now. The flight was something like 19 hours to get here […]