16 Jul
Dust and Black editions of their Baggy canvas boots

Yesterday Palladium officially released their Neil Barrett for Palladium boots in two colors, Black and Dust, in their Baggy silhouette. Not only does Palladium do some nice boots, they also produce their Explorations series of videos where they explore the lost corners of Berlin and the underground world of UK pirate radios. Check them out, […]

1 Apr
Another chapter in the Palladium Boots Exploration Series

After strapping on their boots and exploring the lost corners of Berlin, Palladium are back with another chapter in their Exploration series, this time investigating the robust world of pirate radio in London. Pirate Radios are a phenomenon in the UK, something the Brits have over America in spades (god how I loathe America’s vapid, […]

Palladium continue delivering with their Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Not only have they developed a nearly bulletproof rep by relaunching a long dormant military brand (ex-French Foreign Legion, nonetheless), but they also innovate with cool projects like their Exploration video series. For their new Spring/Summer 2010 Collection Palladium introduces new canvas colors like military green, boue […]

I’ll admit I like the Palladium look, especially their Pampa Baggy boots like those above. The brand re-launched last July after going out of business in the early 90s, mostly because in this throwback, military-inspired era their rep is bulletproof: the French brand used to make tires for planes during WWII, then when that whole […]