1 Nov
The art of Japanese paper folding... in leather bag format

The Lanvin Origami Messenger bag recalls the design and aesthetics of the Japanese art of paper folding. The bag, shown above, is minimalistic with strong lines and geometric folds. Other items in Lanvin’s collection of luxury bags inspired by origami include a briefcase, satchel, tote and wallet, but the Messenger Bag is sold at Mr. […]

16 Jun
Takayuki Hori’s folded and connected Oritsunagumono series

Takayuki Hori’s Oritsunagumono takes Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, and reshapes it with an environmental-themed collection of translucent skeletal Origami works. Oritsunagumono (“things folded and connected”) is made up of eight endangered species native to Japan’s coast — even more imperiled after the recent earthquakes and tsunamis. They are made of translucent […]