25 Jan
Street art taken to the street...signs

Street art, let’s face it, has become a bit stale. Every guy with wheat paste and passing illustration skills is trying to make a name for himself by taking their art to the streets, empty billboards and electric utility boxes everywhere. Sometimes the results are great (Space Invader, Banksy, etc), and sometimes less so — […]

10 Jun
Free your sister/niece/cousin from a life of insipid misery

Jessica Hopper‘s great. I was on a press trip to Israel with homegirl and the whole time we sat in this little van and leapfrogged around the dry countryside, visiting the “Israeli Georgy Clooney”, the “Israeli Steven Spielberg”, and the “Israeli-designer-who-makes-really-tacky-jewelry”. We even checked out some bands together — the “Israeli Neil Young”, the “Israeli […]