What is surely one of the best pieces of news of 2011, the courts of Puerto Montt in Chile have temporarily blocked the $2.9 billion HidroAysen dam project in Patagonia from moving forward. While far from a final victory, the block is a monumental win for ecologists, adventure lovers, outdoorsmen, environmental groups and human beings […]

27 May
$7 billion hydroelectricpower plant approved in Chile against local and activist wishes

Six national parks, 11 national reserves, 26 conservation priority sites, 16 wetlands and 32 private protected areas are set to be decimated, all in the name of energy. That amounts to roughly 6,000 hectares or 60 square kilometers of land. That’s bigger than the Vatican City, Monaco and Bermuda combined. The Chileans have fought against […]

2 Dec
Travel belt with hidden pocket for all your illicit needs

Do you ever carry with you anything that you don’t want found? While ostensibly created as a hidden money pocket for those who fear pick pockets in foreign territory, the reality is that many could use this belt almost anywhere in the world — even in California, where certain “items” are legal for medicinal purposes, […]