I’ll be honest with you — I am NOT one of those people that delights in commercials showing babies acting like adults, or talking, or doing any of that bullshit. In fact I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of babies in general — I feel very frightened around their tender heads, like I’ll accidentally […]

15 Jul
Lifting the curtain to Patrick Boivin's magic

A couple weeks back we posted that AT-AT Day Afternoon video which we thought was the bee’s knees. Well here’s a short “Making Of” video showing how it was done…needless to say, very clever…tip of the hat to creator Patrick Boivin…

This is one of the raddest stop animations I’ve seen in months. Not only is it incredibly well executed, but AT-AT Day Afternoon perfectly nails that universal childhood longing for an awesome, lovable pet that no one else on the planet has, yet could make short work out of all your nemesis bullies in seconds […]

29 Jan
What would toy ninjas do with modern technology?

Every once in awhile a video pops up that just does everything right in my world, and such is the Ninjas Unboxing a Nexus One video by Patrick Boivin. Using ninjas, stop-action animation, miniature figures and some nice graphic design elements, this is pretty much all you need to make your day brighter. I love […]