19 Aug
Pedophiles everywhere beware, Skrillex got your number!

Today Skrillex drops his latest video for “First Of The Year (Equinox)” from his More Monsters and Sprites EP. In a clip somewhat reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s “Come To Daddy“, the Los Angeles dubstep producer/DJ unleashes a demonically possessed kindergartener who unleashes vengeance on what appears to be a very standard issue pedophile. Perverts everywhere […]

Who says you can’t have it all? If you’ve got about four grand lying around, you can have a gigantic gumball machine in your house, and you will be the most popular pedo on the block. This retro-styled machine will hold up to 14,000 gumballs — now that’s a lot of temptation. Pick up your […]

When I was snot-nosed, bone-prone high-schooler, I used love to get my party on. When the house parties were scarce, it was pretty typical to find teen orgies of booze and herb consumption in places that teens do it best…public. This is a trend that still litters the streets and unoccupied hills of your neighborhood. […]

14 Jan
Japan + Robots + Breakdancing = Shoulda seen it coming

In our brave quest to cover all things robot and Japanese, may I present you with Japanese Breakdancing Robot. How can we be shocked? Let’s see, we’ve seen the Japanese invent robot bears to carry the incontinently wasted, they erect giant robots to defend themselves from really slow aliens, and then they enslave the clumsy […]