Fragrance connoisseurs Comme de Garçons, as a followup to their 2010 wood-inspired scent “Wonderwood”, now bring us this eau de oud — the “oud” being the powerful resin pulled from the Aquilarian tree that is the core aroma of Wondroud. Other notes include patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver and guaiac wood, all in all making a bold, unisex aroma due […]

30 May
A scent that includes everyone... every gender & brand

Pharrell Williams doesn’t just sing about girls anymore, apparently he collaborates in smells about them too. But don’t let the title fool you, “Girl” is a unisex scent. It’s also a majorly multi-tiered marketing collaboration with bottle and packaging design by House + Holme, logo from Kaws and the scent itself created between Williams and the art director at COMMES […]

31 May
Aromatic fragrance from Japan

High end Japanese streetwear brand mastermind JAPAN collaborates with Deica on a somewhat unexpected product — an aromatic room spray. Masters of packaging and preseentation, it’s no surprise that this collabo is beautifully put together. Available at Zozo for $50 (¥3,990).

25 Aug
Quite possibly the dumbest celebrity perfume ever

In the world of celebrity perfumes, stupidity really knows no bounds. Why on earth anyone would feel compelled to smell like Paris Hilton or Britney Spears is a notion so confounding I cannot even begin to grasp it. I think about it and I feel like a monkey trying to do algebra. I imagine it […]

7 Apr
Smell like a smart, fashion-minded Canadian

It’s fair to say Dsquared² hit bullseye in almost whatever arena they choose to enter, so it’s understandable they’d follow the tried and true fashion path and venture from cut & sew into spray & wear. Twins Dean and Dan Caten head their design house into the world of signature scents with He Wood and […]