12 Jun
The 2nd film in Peter Jackson's anticipated LOTR prequel

The first look at the second film the The Hobbit trilogy — The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug — was just released, and in it lies our first glimpse of Smaug, the titular dragon who plays the central antagonist in the Middle Earth adventure. Some have complained about director Peter Jackson taking too many liberties […]

21 Dec
Peter Jackson's next foray into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien

My god can you stand it?! I’m in full nerd-out glory mode here, as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey has to be one of the more anticipated movies of the decade. This first trailer doesn’t show much of the action, but it sets the mood for what we can expect with Peter Jackson’s next foray […]

18 May
Here's hoping they haven't ruined another childhood memory...

Did you read Tintin as a kid? No? Then you missed out. Or maybe you didn’t, cos Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson have teamed up to bring one of the best books from our childhood to the silver screen (in 3D, naturally). Of course I trust my favorite material to Spielberg the way I trust […]

12 Feb
Born Of Hope brings hope to poor filmmakers worldwide

This is borderline amazing — according to the Daily Mail, a British woman named Kate Madison was so inspired by Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy that she decided to film her own prequel…for $40,000. She invested $13,000 of her savings, made a trailer, and raised the rest to film Born Of Hope. Everyone […]

9 Dec
Peter Jackson returns to his narrative roots

It’s nice to see Peter Jackson going back to his roots, in a way, and directing a film that’s closer to Heavenly Creatures than to his recent big budget extravaganzas (awesome as they are — except King Kong, let’s just sweep that one under the rug shall we?). The Lovely Bones, like Heavenly Creatures, is […]

21 Aug
The next sci-fi champion?

Have you seen this movie? If not, buy your ticket today little nerdling. Other than the posters I had zero idea what this film was about, and that’s exactly the way to see it. Best movie of the summer…why couldn’t someone give this guy Transformers??? Peter Jackson has absolutely struck gold with South African director […]