4 Jan
Pulp frontman goes disco in debut video

Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker jumps on Discodeine‘s lead single “Synchronize” from their self-titled debut full-length album (out February 14th on D-I-R-T-Y / Pschent). Comprised of Parisian producers Pentile and Pilooski — the latter who’s best known for his massive re-edits of tracks like Frankie Valli’s “Beggin’” — Discodeine convinced the Britpop legend Jarvis to go […]

20 Aug
The Last Summer Soiree Before The Night Goes Monthly

It’s no secret that the gay club nights put on the best disco parties. And I’m just speaking music, though the DJs hold their own for both classics and nu-disco alike. It’s the whole theatrical package that makes these nights special and memorable, in places like LA where disco is the new catch all phrase […]

28 May
Fighting For Freedom Against The Tyrannical Club World

If you’re into the sample-driven sounds of Radio Soulwax and the crate digging disco skills of folks like Idjut Boys and Pilooski (and boy am I) then you’ll no doubt enjoy the forgotten fragments of music that Kool DJ Dust digs up and gives new life to. Guy went on an archeology mission sampling and […]

The best party breaks DJs on the planet, Stanton Warriors, are about to deliver the world another glorious mix on Fabric Records, Sessions III. Prepare thyselves, it is ill — they even drop the Pilooski re-edit of “Beggin’” in the mix, which we posted here in August. Beautiful stuff. Sessions III comes out on October […]