24 Nov
Look Super NES 24 whilst napping

If you’ve ever wanted to look an Nintendo superhero while you sleep, then Designboom’s got you all straight. For $24 you can pick up their Pixelated Sleeping Masks for long flights or daytime naps at your cubicle. While you’re at it, purchase a pair of those 6 dpi Pixelated Sunglasses and you can look Super […]

21 May
Dzmitry Samal's retro future eyewear

The pixel design trend has come up with some great halloween costumes, but could it be moving towards the mainstream? I doubt it, to be honest, but Parisian designer Dzmitry Samal may think differently. His 6 dpi Eyewear collection has a strangely retro future look, embracing technology long gone but yet looking like something teleported […]

17 Mar
The Do-Lo-Rez 1 Rug

Nanimarquina, established in 1987, has a self-proclaimed passion for rug designing, and thank goodness because their 184 cm x 276 cm “Do-Lo-Rez 1” rug adds something playful to the world of design. Though pixelated designs seem to be gaining momentum, and this isn’t the first time LIAS has featured one, it’s nice to see some creativity in […]