17 Sep
SSUR x 3DRetro bring their Cornelius mascot to life

You can plan on SSUR to have a sense of humor. Such as with their collaboration with CLOT — e.g. the COCO Made Me Do It collection — the Los Angeles label always takes a subversive bite out of iconic brands and characters, even if it is for commercial gain. Now SSUR have teamed up […]

4 May
Pretty much pretending "Planet of the Apes" never happened

Rise Of the Planet Of the Apes is the upcoming origin story for what 20th Century Fox certainly hopes will become a franchise effort for the studio. Pretty much pretending that the Mark Wahlberg-led Planet of the Apes abomination never happened, the film tells the cautionary tale of genetic experiments gone wrong in San Francisco […]

22 Jun
More angry robots comin' atcha!

I’m not on Tim Burton’s nutsack like the rest of the world — I think he’s done some cool shit (Edward Scissorhands, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, Cabin Boy), and some pretty boring stuff (Batman Forever, Planet of the Apes), but this 9 looks pretty wicked. One thing: is it me, or is there a bubbling […]