29 Apr
Like a snowmobile, except for the desert

Similar to the Platune Sand-X Dune Rider, this Dune Tracer concept is just what you need for those lazy days on the beach. Designed by diseno-art.com, the snow mobile-like Dune Tracer is motored by a rear-mounted engine located behind the driver’s seat that powers a unique track system. While at full speeds it turns like […]

13 Sep
Beats sweating your ass off in a Hummer all day

We live in Southern California, a place totally bereft of snow except on our tallest mountain ranges. We do have Glamis, however, home of a Mad Max-like world where sand rails, dirt bikes, quads and 4x4s rule the land with a mighty fist. This is where the Platune Sand-X would steal the show. Essentially a […]