22 Jul
A Sundance award-winning allegory of loss and redemption

Fox Searchlight’s Another Earth is directed by Mike Cahill and opens today, Friday July 22nd in Los Angeles and New York City, and on July 28th nationwide. Madman Mundt Another Earth is the type of film where you have to get the premise out of the way immediately, as it requires a temporary suspension of […]

Plenty of tasty musical treats for your Tuesday morning, starting off with the brand spanking new Beastie Boys video for “Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” (with Santigold). Directed by Spike Jonze and featuring a very Reggieknow-like cadre of zombie-killing action figures, the full-length video debuted this morning. The Tuesday Video 5-Pack continues […]

After the clean version of their new Hot Sauce Committee Part Two LP leaked last week, the Boys Beastie decided to offer the unedited “filthy dirty nasty version” on their site. So if you can’t wait til May 3rd when the album hits store shelves (and iTunes digital folders), then hit up Hot Sauce Committee […]

10 Feb
Enjoy the warmth of vinyl with Gakken's Premium Gramophone

A record player that will take you back to a simpler time, a time when music was a luxury and enjoyed as such. With modern hard drives holding terabytes of music, the actual content value of music has been ridiculed to the point of obsolescence. By trading libraries, we have more music now than we […]

21 Dec
David Lee's interactive ‘Continual Chair’

In the age of Craigslist and eBay, when I hear the terms “interactive” and “past, present, and future users” associated with a chair, I immediately think it’s creative advertising for a used piece of junk. That was before I was introduced to David Lee’s interactive Continual Chair. Lee’s vision is to transform this ‘common object […]

Converse has been busy with a far-flung series of collaborations of late (Varvatos/Converse and Bodega/Converse to name but a recent few), and this time they partner up with powerhouse Japanese label Comme de Garcons. The Converse x CdG PLAY is a classic canvas Chuck Taylor and adorned with the Comme de Garcons PLAY heart. Rei […]

3 Feb
Improving your memory for hipster ensembles

Sometimes after a full day walking around Silverlake a half hour in line at Intelligentsia, I get a sudden pang of sorrow when I realize I can’t fully remember any complete ensemble from the vast tracts of hipsters I came across in my travels. Was that young fop in the Blondie tshirt wearing checkered socks […]

28 Jan
Pine for the days of construction paper and paste

When I think about my elementary school, the only thing I remember is the cheap ass, plastic and metal chairs and crappy furniture everywhere. Man I wish Iglooplay was around at the time, although I doubt my school could’ve afforded it. The children’s furniture collection from Lisa Albin Design combines organic forms, ergonomics and a […]