9 Mar
Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Black PG Edition

Now that we’ve reached 2010, it’s become obvious the days of instant cameras are long behind us. Nowadays the cameras we usually see are insanely high-tech, overly complicated, easily manipulated robots that produce thousands upon thousands of pristine images, all working to place a sort of plastic sheen over the real world. Ok, I’ll admit […]

20 Oct
Some folks seem pretty inspired to do great things. Others don’t seem to be setting the bar too high.

The Before I Die I Want To… project comes from the brains of Nicole Kenney (Brooklyn, NY) and KS Rives (Chicago, IL). Not sure how long the duo has been working on this project, but it seems like they’ve been at it for a while—considering all the places they’ve hit up so far. I’d say […]