16 Mar
Fluevog #2 Powells will bring you one step closer to your dream

The Fluevog #2 Powell gets its name from the address of one of the first Fox & Fluevog stores, and it gets its design from one of the first Fox & Fluevog men’s designs. Reissuing classic designs seems to be a strong trend amongst shoe designers these days, but if these are the sort of […]

3 Mar
Poland's premium vodka gets a silver makeover

I will admit I have a special affinity for Polish vodka, with the delicious Zubrowka taking personal top honors. Then, due to a love of potato-based vodkas, comes Chopin. But coming in a very close third is Belvedere Vodka, and especially this limited edition Belvedere Vodka Silver. Claiming to be the world’s first super-premium vodka, […]