16 Jun
Twenty stainless steel, flame-retardant tools for the on-the-go chef

Just in time for summer, the BBQ Briefcase from UncommonGoods is a great go-to tool kit for the ultimate master of the outdoor grill. The iron briefcase-like box includes 20 stainless steel tools to handle any BBQ job and includes a number of flame-retardant essentials like Shish-Kabob skewers, corn holders and cleaning brushes that are […]

10 Nov
Nothing too complicated… but I like the creativity

These two products from Chris Kabel caught my eye. The Seam Chair, which is bag tailored to the shape of a chair is filled with sand and put in an oven under extreme pressure. After some baking the sand id taken out leaving a hollow super strong chair made out of only polypropylene (a cheap, […]