28 May
Half business/half party furniture from designer A.P.O.

The work environment can be a competitive game, so it only makes sense to have a workspace that easily converts into a beer ping pong table. In fact, you and the assistant from Creative have  already been doing that for months in the conference room with a ball of rubber bands and a couple of […]

23 Jan
8-minute mini-doc on the Mecca of video games

For children of the 1980s, the arcade holds a unique and holy place in our hearts. Oh how many countless hours I spent at New England Grand Prix (RIP), endlessly pumping quarters into Dragon’s Lair, Spy Hunter, Gauntlet, Super Sprint, Cyberball, Crystal Castles, Smash TV, Punch Out, et al like crackheads in the dark, inhaling […]

21 May
Patrick Runte's platformalized photograph series

An assembly of Tetris shapes as opposed to an assemblage, there is nothing sexually alluring about these photographs. Despite what Lana Del Rey may have you believe there is absolutely nothing reproductive about video games — although Pacman may be debatable. Hamburg-based Patrick Runte has created a new series of photographs called Jump N’ Run. They […]

30 Sep
LA messengers of the Future Bass

We caught one-half of LA based songwriting/production duo Massif a little while back opening for LCD Soundsystem, and we gotta say they’re hard to pin down categorically, drawing influence from such disparate sources as Tool, The Mars Volta, Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, Battles and just about everything in between. So we kept an eye out […]

16 Jul
Mario And Ron Jeremy Mashed Up In An 8-Bit World—Come On

This video by German based MuscleBeaver (awesome name, btw) is one the greatest things I’ve seen in a minute. If the idea of Mario and Ron Jeremy mashed up in an 8-bit world speaks to you in anyway, you’ll be with me on this. Get past the drawn-out Pong intro. It takes longer than you’d […]