3 Jul
Italian frames accented with self portrait of pop-art icon

Premier Milano eyewear maker Retrosuperfuture has united with the Andy Warhol Foundation of the Visual Arts to create a series of four classic SUPER frames (the America, Ciccio, Classic and the Drew) each accented with the collaged artwork of Andy Warhol’s self portrait. Frame your face and stand up to the sun in a way that is truly pop […]

11 Apr
Morphing obsolete technologies into modern art

Nick Gentry, a Central Saint Martin’s graduate and apparent stranger to canvas stretching, prefers to paint portraits on a canvas constructed with floppy disks. He strategically incorporates these obsolete tech properties into his subjects’ features creating a file cabinet effect. Gentry places an emphasis on recycling and reusing personal objects, acquiring dead technologies through a […]

6 Jan
"Made in China" soldier portrait by Joe Black

Artist Joe Black’s “Made in China”, an amazingly intricate and creative work of art, should be considered a metaphorical piece. With thousands of toy soldiers making up photographer Robert Capra’s 1938 LIFE magazine portrait of a Chinese solider, it conveys visually how each individual soldier is part of a collective that contributes to the military […]

2 Jun
Opening TONIGHT at the Opera Gallery, NYC

New York-based artist Logan Hicks is a photorealistic landscape and portrait painter. His hyperrealist style is achieved by combining stencils, photography, aerosol and a variety of canvases (such as anodizing on aluminum and etched wood panels), becoming somewhat of a pioneer in the art world. He’s known for taking the humdrum of urban landscapes and […]

25 May
Frederick McSwain dedicates 1 die for every day of his life

Core77 brings us this video of Frederick McSwain‘s tribute to the late artist/designer Tobias Wong. McSwain took 13,138 dice — one for each day of Tobias life — and arranged them into a very clever portrait of his friend, who he called “one of the funniest people who ever lived. Every day with him was […]

There’s not much to say about Awkward Family Photos, it’s basically in the name. They may not all be awkward, and the captions could be funnier, but the treasure trove of images is bountiful and well worth digging through. Enjoy!