24 Jun
Fit a 60 mph+ electric racing kart in the trunk of your Prius

Superheroes of today having nothing on the heroes of yesteryear, but that hasn’t stopped designer Beau Reid from creating the only means of transportation that would make any clockwatching cubicle monkey feel like Ghost Rider whipping around corners at 60mph. Reid, of Beau Designs, has created the GK2G: an F1-inspired go-kart concept with true mobility […]

7 Oct
Giving my Tivo some well-needed rest

I bless the cosmos for Tivo every day. With a quick blip of the remote it allows me to circumvent the endless synapse-deadening waves of network commercials, allowing me to actually enjoy watching TV. How did I survive without it? Except every once in awhile a commercial comes out that actually deserves to be seen […]

4 Aug
It's A Prius Thing...Kinda

I love environmentally friendly things. I love beautiful naked women. I love weird things—that are larger-than-life. And right about now I love New York City based photographer Gary Breckheimer. He’s the guy behind this photo. If you’re not familiar with his work, take a few moments and check out his site. His B&W nudes command […]

In what is surely the automotive shock of the year, GM has completely dropped the ball on their most promising car of the future. Instead of the aggressively lined, low-slung beast above as the design for their heavily hyped Volt, the boys behind some of the ugliest cars in the world instead have opted with […]