11 Nov
The Italian cruiser concept, even if you're not that into cruisers

The Moto Guzzi MGX-21 Prototype — perhaps the greatest, gas-guzzliest cruiser concept to hit the EICMA show in Milano this past week — is getting the thumbs up from bike lovers everywhere, even if those enthusiasts aren’t usually ones taken to cruisers. Based on the California 1400, the huge Moto Guzzi MGX is all clad in carbon […]

26 Jun
Not quite cancelled, 5 extremely exclusive cars to be built

Don’t you hate when automakers flaunt engorged stats and titillating images of cars they know they’ll never let you have? It’s the gearhead’s equivalent of going to a strip club: all stimulation, no realization. Such is the case with Jaguar who are releasing new images of its aborted C-X75 Concept. Originally debuted in 2010 at the […]

28 Aug
Poland presents it’s second 230 MPH supercar offering

About a year ago upstart Polish automaker Arrinera Automotive made waves with the unveiling of their Arrinera De Veno, and have taken their time since to produce yet another supercar, the Hussarya. During that time they took it to the books, and testing some laws of physics with Dr. Janusz Piechna Ph.D. D.Sc. at the […]

15 May
The world's first plug-in hybrid supercar... with 770 Horsepower

As one of the most anticipated hybrids ever conceived, Porsche has released a new set of images of its 918 Spyder prototype and announced that it has begun testing… which, at this point in development, seems obvious. With production slated to begin in September 2013, Porsche expects first deliveries to hit showrooms by end of […]

23 Feb
Translucent mirrors, what does that mean?!

The picture above will have you either really excited, confused or disappointed with Sony, as there seems to be a mixture of emotions when seeing a camera going naked. But Sony’s new translucent SLR features a unique design, a translucent mirror (not case) that allows the camera to focus quicker and more efficiently than any […]

23 Aug
Your chance to look like a total tool

There are several prototypes of motorized unicycles floating around the interwebs, and they all seem to be fairly wacky (like this one and this one). Really, is there any need for a powered unicycle? Are they a substitute for motorcycles or walking? Aren’t we lazy enough already? Besides, most people you see riding on Segways […]

9 Jul
Letters you can sit on

Some ideas are so basic they seem to be simplistically intuitive. Everyone loves the alphabet — hell we sing it to our drooling, pooping rug monkeys every chance we get — and everyone loves sitting their lazy ass down. It’s just common science. So what would happen if you combined the two great Western loves…?  […]

9 Oct
A table that kinda looks like bubble gum

Given that the designer’s website isn’t in English and I don’t read French I can’t really tell you much about this. I do know that this is a prototype table by Florent Degourc and that it really shouldn’t be just a concept.