27 Jun
Jeff Waldman elicits joy and plans for swings elsewhere

Sex, drugs and rock & roll. Debauchery. Hugh Grant transvestite hookers. Talentless reality celebrities. Purse dogs with health insurance. These are the things that everyone thinks LA is all about. And, for the most part, they’re right. But residents of Los Angeles, just like residents of other cities around the world, also like to revel […]

8 Apr
Gestalten's "Urban Interventions" brings the art from the streets to the page

Urban Interventions is a book that documents the recent surge in public art displays around the globe. Born out of street art, these street projects have become fascinating facets of society, sparking public interest and occasional controversy. What’s most interesting about these varying projects is that they are such personal creations in such an obviously […]

12 Oct
Searching for intimacy in an inadvertent way

After noticing that a lot of the TVs for sale on Craig’s List (because of the flash on the camera) had reflections of the people selling them (aka the ones that took the photo) Penelope Umbrico started collecting all the images she could find and turned it into this, “TVs From Craigslist.” It is kinda […]