11 Sep
Opening reception coming September 13th (RSVP Required)

Sal Babier, revered street-skater of the 90’s and tastemaker of the here-and-now, has curated a collection of custom-made, special-edition BMX bike frames, gadgets and gear to showcase both the the history and habits of BMX subculture that kids went apeshit for in the 1980’s. The Scion Audio Visual’s BMXPert installation is more than just a time […]

28 Apr
Future forward eyewear for Spring/Summer 2011

MYKITA has certainly never shied away from teaming up with an avant garde designer to offer a far-future look at eyewear. Their designs with Rad Hourani — as well as their headscratching Yuri sunglasses — are exercises in the eccentric. This latest collaboration effort with designer Bernhard Willhelm may not be as pioneering, but they’ll […]

17 Sep
Future looks for Spring/Summer 2011

Rad Hourani likes to keep his styles unisex, and so are his sunglasses for Spring/Summer of next year. With matte black frames and black lenses, they manage to retain a semblance of subtlety despite their bold retro-futuristic styling. They’ll cost you $500 but won’t be available till next spring. If you can’t wait, pre-order them […]

12 Aug

Came across these guys hocking their wears at the Hard LA festival and have been meaning to give them some shine. I like their style. Plus dood behind the line seems like a solid guy. They’re from Diamond Bar, CA (west coast version of these guys), but don’t hold that against them. They go by […]