Yes it’s a bit early to start talking winter gloves, but these beauties are worth a mention. The burgundy leather gloves from Raf Simons’ Fall 2010 collection are made of an ultra fine leather, and have a Velcro fastening wrap around wrist strap. Only problem is the pricetag, at $630 (£405) they’re not going to […]

7 Jun
Two new colorways for 2010Two new colorways for 2010

Some new styles from Raf Simons’ Fall/Winter 2010 collection of sneakers. Two new colorways are available, a canvas-built red and navy shoe and a black-on-black leather high top, both featuring an ankle velcro strap. Now available at colette for $600. via Slamhype See Images of Raf Simons Winter 2010-11 Sneakers below.

30 Apr
The ideal bag for everyday city usage

Raf Simmons can get pretty crazy with his fashion line, so the simplicity of this messenger bag from his Spring/Summer 2010 accessory line is somewhat surprising. Constructed of pebble grain calfskin leather with a jacquard-lined interior, it’s the ideal bag for everyday city usage. Of course looking good is rarely cheap, especially for anything of […]

The Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2010 Sneaker collection has been revealed to the masses. The designer has stuck with the traditional hi-top sneaker shape, but as should be expected embraced a variety of materials, colors and stylistic elements to make things interesting. Naturally the collection has a solid use of leather, but there’s more textural elements […]

12 Mar
Keeping your pants up ever so fashionably

Raf Simons is slowly releasing bits and pieces of his 2010 Spring/Summer collection. Amongst the pack are several snake-shaped belts made from alligator print leather or plain web canvas. They feature some unique closures to them as well. Personally, I just love the simplicity in the design. If you’re interested in accessorizing this season, grab […]

3 Dec
Elevating the magazine to new heights

To call Visionaire a magazine is like calling Lawrence of Arabia a movie. They take the medium and elevate it to another level — literally. Oftentimes the issues aren’t even books, printed on paper or even contain readable text. For instance, some “issues” have included the Sound Issue (53) which consisted of five 12″ vinyls […]