This is a video of Rage Against the Machine from yesterday at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota (courtesy of Above the Fold). It’s good to see these guys haven’t softened up, or aren’t so ridiculously rich they’ve lost sight of why they’re looked at as the Che Guevera of the 21st Century. […]

Gizmodo went to the Lego Secret Headquarters and got to visit their underground lair / dungeon / vault / compression chamber of awesomeness. It has EVERY lego set ever created — a stunning 4,720 sets, from the 50s on. Wow. My pockets would’ve been so stuffed leaving there, I would’ve looked like Lindsay Lohan leaving […]

This photographer created a series of images emulating great iconic photos of the 20th Century. With Legos. Pretty clever. He also includes photos of the set-up shots, showing exactly how he technically created the images. The dichotomy of the ubiquitous Lego Smiley Face in the context of some of recent history’s most violent, shocking photographs […]