1 Nov
Display your inner turntable geek proudly

Ever wanted the entire history of the record player — from “Berliner’s first gramophone, through the explosion of designs of the 1950s and the sleek UFO styling of the 1970s, to today’s high-performance superstars” — represented in one simple poster? Well gosh darn it, you’re in luck. The Visual Hi-Fi History of Turntables poster features landmark, […]

10 Feb
Enjoy the warmth of vinyl with Gakken's Premium Gramophone

A record player that will take you back to a simpler time, a time when music was a luxury and enjoyed as such. With modern hard drives holding terabytes of music, the actual content value of music has been ridiculed to the point of obsolescence. By trading libraries, we have more music now than we […]

15 Oct
For the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Outreach

Preservation Hall Jazz Band has recently collaborated with legendary Tom Waits to create a limited edition 78 RPM record, with only 504 copies available to the public. All proceeds of the record will be going towards the Preservation Hall Jazz Band Outreach Program, which is devoted to teaching kids between the ages of 9 and […]

12 Aug
Simplify your weekend flea market record shopping

Linos is a portable USB record player designed by Charles Pyott. You just slide it onto vinyl, extend the little needle arm, plug the other end into the USB jack, and presto-blammo you got a portable vinyl listening device! The USB both powers the unit and allows you to plays the sounds through your laptop. […]