23 Feb
Add some shine to your wrist with recycled wood

A new take on sustainable design, wooden watches from Los Angeles-based WeWOOD. The watches are carved and crafted from discarded wooden floor scraps, and completely free of toxic materials. Originally formed in Italy, the company brought with it to the States a sophisticated taste in design, and combined it with Los Angeles’ demand for eco-friendly […]

17 Dec
Nubuck chukkas, coffee, tumbler and ReBinder notebook

One of the best boutiques in America, Seattle’s Blackbird has a nicely packaged gift for the holidays. The “Black Coffee in Bed” Set comes packaged in a bushel-sized wood storage basket whose centerpiece is a pair of limited edition Quoddy boots customized exclusively for Blackbird. Handmade in Maine, these deck chukkas are constructed of a […]

6 Dec
The ever green Bike Tread Belt

For those of you who’re deeply attached to your bicycles and wish to have them by your side at all times, these Bike Tread Belts will be a constant reminder of your 2-wheeled love affairs. Hand made in Portland, Oregon, the sustainable belts are constructed of recycled bicycle tires of different sorts — everything from […]

4 Nov
Adrian Johnson's ingenious upcycled furniture

Here one man’s trash is truly another mans treasure. After trying to come up with a creative way to find seating for a close friend’s wedding, Adrian Johnson merged two found treasures into one luxurious couch. Roaming the dump for something to inspire him, Johnson came across a a vintage BMW two-door coupe which happened […]

14 Apr
"Newsworthy" wallpaper made of 100% up-cycled newspaper

For me the ideal modern product not only looks visually engaging, and ads some aesthetic enjoyment to your life, but also does so while being sustainable…or at least doesn’t club pandas in the Arctic while doing so. Which is why I dig product designer Lori Weitzner‘s wallpaper made of 100% up-cycled newspaper print. Her Newsworthy […]

25 Mar
Go green with TK Garment Supply's military tent jacket

TK Garment Supply, a Japanese clothing line established in 2005, specializes in using vintage clothing and fabrics to create completely new looks while retaining the nostalgia of the original pieces. This military jacket from TK is composed of vintage tent canvas, which makes for an interesting color-blocked look in different shades of green. Whether you’ll […]

16 Mar
Deckstool puts all that shredding to good use

Inspired by the accumulation of endless piles of broken skateboard decks, the founder of Deckstool decided to make good use of them. Using trucks and broken boards, these stools are made from retired skateboards and can be used as seats or side tables. And by utilizing the more bruised and battered decks, the stools have […]

26 Aug
The Contemporary Art of Art Recycling

Gotta give it up to Swiss company Freitag for doing the recycled fashionables thing long before most of us discovered the inconvenient truth about what we’re doing to this planet. If you’re not familiar, their “raw materials” are old truck tarpaulins, seat belts, bicycle inner tubes and airbags—all stuff that is literally tough as hell—into […]