30 Mar
Ethan Higbee and Adam Bhala Lough highlight the dub pioneer

This trailer for the upcoming Lee “Scratch” Perry documentary The Upsetter came out this weekend, but seeing as we’re such huge fans we figured better late than never. If you consider yourself an appreciator of music, then there is probably little need to introduce Scratch — considered by many to be the Grandfather of Dub […]

16 Sep
LIAS sits down with Sam Spiegel to figure out exactly who they've got naked pictures of...

We’ve covered N.A.S.A. (North America South America) here many times in the past, partly because they’ve managed to corral an almost unholy stable of collaborators to work with (“People Tree” featuring David Byrne, Chali 2Na, Z-Trip and Gift of Gab, “Whachadoin?” with M.I.A., Santogold and Spank Rock, “Spacious Thoughts” with Tom Waits and Kool Keith, […]

24 Mar
Kode9, aka Steve Goodman, drops the sonic literary science

As a pioneering producer of dubstep, Kode9 (aka Steve Goodman) has intricately explored the effects of sonic frequencies on human beings — used for positive results, his groundbreaking sub-bass tracks laid the foundation for the flourishing dubstep genre. But the doctor in Goodman (he has a PhD. in Philosophy from from the University of Warwick, […]

11 Sep
Grand Star Jazz Club Here We Come

UPDATE: We’re reposting this up at the tippity to remind y’all where to head this Sunday Sunday SUNDAY!!! Like a lot of people, I’ve had to cut back on non-essential shit as of late. So I eat out less, take a flask to the club, skip a few movies or something like that—it’s really not […]

14 Jul
Screening Of The Documentary, Return Of The Rub-A-Dub Style

I’ve had some pretty amazing musical experiences in my life—Ibiza, many Moontribes in the So Cal desert, Zouk in Singapore, Winter Music Conference for over a decade, partying with X-Press 2 in Tokyo, but a night out in Cape Town, South Africa at this dub/dancehall club slays all other experiences. I was one of the […]

25 Jun
My Adventures with Lee “Scratch” Perry, Caribbean Strippers and Magical Boots

Hit the Jump if you want to read Leonard Smalls final encounter with Lee Perry. Hint: it includes a stripper pole, space make-up, some questionable towels, a BBQ and the Jamaican Souljah Boy. OH, and Lee “Fucking” Perry dancing in videos, smiling like a madman. What more in holy hell could you ask for…?

Make the Jump if you’re interested in reading Leonard Smalls’ Continuing Adventures With Lee “Scratch” Perry…

It’s 4:27 a.m. on Monday morning. Just a couple days ago, I was kicking back, mulling my options for a New York City weekend. Not looking too promising. Now, in 30 minutes, I’m on my way to LaGuardia Airport for a flight to Miami and on to Kingston, Jamaica to interview, and get a guided […]