14 Mar
Also starring Ann Coulter as succubus & Santorum as... insane

Read more Bureaucracy for Breakfast HERE Are you sitting down? OK, great. In this comfy position maybe you can accept this well thought-out thesis without turning into a lamebrain naysayer: Believe it or not, the campy, Vamp’r infested world of True Blood is the perfect place for many of our extreme right wing media whores […]

12 Nov
Jen Bekman’s 20x200 project lets art lovers be art collectors

Affordable art…what a concept. I love it. Couldn’t be easier either, each week 20×200 puts up two new pieces of art, typically one photo and one work on paper. The 20×200 handle comes from the $20 price tag of buying an edition of 200. For those with a little bit more to drop, they’ve created […]

A little something to pick up your Monday morning. How did I miss this when it came out? Not his funniest bit, but it’s Triumph at the RNC so still well worth a view…

Seriously, is this a joke? This is the person John McCain is suggesting should be one heartbeat away from the Presidency? One 72-year-old, 5-time cancer surviving heartbeat, at that? Didn’t I see this chick on The Hun giving blowjobs to 3 rednecks on a trash-strewn boat in Lake Havasu? I mean, are you for real? […]