Chics in Design is a Hong Kong-based design house that has come with a specific, limited-color-palette knitting pattern for a distinctive look to their household furnishings. Priding themselves on being a “crazy, dreamy but happy bunch of people,” why wouldn’t they construct a human skull that you can open up and sit on? Now you can read the morning […]

13 Jul
Get shots you never could before with Joby's Gorillapod Magnetic

Even amateur photographers, if they want to elevate their craft, will frequently find themselves in need of a tripod. No, you can’t carry a 10-pound professional telescoping tripod everywhere you go, but you can make do with a more portable option that you can bust out under low light, when conditions force you to use […]

6 Jan
Smart automobile innovations where one didn't imagine was needed

Here’s a video for the Disappearing Car Door (or rather “Retractable” car door), which is actually available for installation via California’s Jatech. They claim to actually increase the car’s rigidity and safety, so the only reason I can see for these doors not catching on is because they are either A) too expensive; or B) […]