29 Sep
Mad Hatter Rad or Eccentrically Sad?

Alphonse Mattia sounds like one eccentric dude. The kinda guy you want to kick back and have a drink with and maybe get a little red eyed. I’m pretty sure he’s not completely off his rocker due to the fact that he teaches at Rhode Island School of Design. I’d say he’s more like that […]

28 Jul
Just be prepared when it dries out, starts cracking, and then snaps

This shelf is about as playful as you can get. It’s definitely one of those pieces that make you stop and pause and wish it was yours. The idea is pretty straightforward, wrap a big rubber band around machined aluminum and use the tension created by the band to keep things in their place. It’s […]

Can’t remember the last time I needed a crayon and didn’t have access to one, but if I do ever find myself in that unfortunate situation, Rhode Island School of Design graduate Tim Liles has solved the problem. His rings are cast in washable crayons and come packaged in sets of 8, in the colors […]