We have been waiting patiently for some Sin City news ever since the scandalous poster above had all heads either turning or shaking. The Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer just showed during Comic Con this past weekend in San Diego and we’ve now got it here, in all its full red band glory. Set it […]

Eva Green is a French-born twin-sister-having starlet, which means she already has enough built-in femme factors to provide a forest full of wood. But now, let’s add her visibility that’s got her scandalous Sin City 2 poster rejected by the MPAA. Apparently those self-proclaimed judges of propriety got wild upon the site of her underboob, in conjunction […]

15 Mar
The reboot of one of the best 80s action franchises

Predator remains one of the best sci-fi action films of all time, capturing Arnold in peak form and featuring some of the best one-liners in action film history (“I ain’t got time to bleed,” “Pussy face,” and “Stick around,” being particular highlights). Well they’re now re-booting the franchise with Robert Rodriguez behind the lens, which […]

23 Dec
New Year's Inspiration for the Uninspired

It seems as though the holiday season always extrudes a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ in most wardrobe collections. Whatever notion of the holiday spirit you’d want to blame it on, it’s surely a time for a sparkly something or another with charming accents to follow. Nonetheless, the certain fear of playing twins with a […]

No, this isn’t the newest trailer in the universe, but it does make me salivate for Frank Miller’s next cinematic sake bomb. You can see traces of 300 and most definitely Sin City, but that shouldn’t surprise as both took Frank Miller’s graphic novels and manifested them directly into celluloid. In fact, you can’t even […]