4 Sep
American customizer's first fairing-added custom Harley

We’ve covered a bunch of American motorcycle customizer Roland Sands work before, including output like his Harley Davidson Café Sportster, and the Retro Custom 500 Helmets he made for Bell. His latest bike, the ‘Race-ster’, is notable because it’s the first time Sands is building a Harley with a fairing on it. The Race-ster lives […]

23 Dec
Undouche your Harley

I’ll admit I have my fair share of bias against Harley, just cos to me they signify 50-year-old dentists desperately trying to reclaim some of the youth they squandered playing golf and anguishing over 401K options while they guys they’re emulating spent those decades living life. Oh, and reclaiming that youth with annoyingly loud tailpipes […]