16 Feb
Barbara Nitke's photography book on the world of 1980s XXX

Photographer Barbara Nitke began her career working in pornography in the early 80s — consider Boogie Nights, only without prosthetic genitalia and cherry red Corvettes. Nitke at the time was hired as a set photographer and saw the entire industry through a lens and perspective that very few were privy to. Besides shooting many of […]

Sometimes a product is so hard to believe it exists, it makes you question the very fabric of our society. They’re actually the products that inspired us to start this site — a simultaneous celebration and measured excoriation of consumerism in all its glory. From the gorgeously handcrafted to the vapidly inspired to the fallaciously […]

16 Jul
Mario And Ron Jeremy Mashed Up In An 8-Bit World—Come On

This video by German based MuscleBeaver (awesome name, btw) is one the greatest things I’ve seen in a minute. If the idea of Mario and Ron Jeremy mashed up in an 8-bit world speaks to you in anyway, you’ll be with me on this. Get past the drawn-out Pong intro. It takes longer than you’d […]