4 Oct
Combining American and Nepali craftsmanship

  The duo behind el dot designs, husband and wife team Leo and Lishu, have aimed to build furniture that’s not only aesthetically pleasing from a design aspect but also highly sustainable. That’s why they’ve focused on using bamboo as the prime material behind their Future Primitive and Simple Office Collections, as it is one of […]

The Vestal Rosewood Watch is perfect for a raw, more natural look. It’s made from a wood case (58 mm wide to be specific) and linked with fish wire for a comfortable fit. The watch window itself is solid mineral crystal and water resistant to 50 meters. Even if you aren’t the ‘one-with-nature’ sort of […]

10 Mar
Viscount Linley's strange contribution to the side table

The name of this lovely design pretty much says it all. Created by high-end British furniture house Viscount Linley, the Time Table is quite simply a side-table that is made to look like a wristwatch. Although Linley consistently make some classic pieces (that Macallan Viscount Linley Whisky Case makes a very potent argument) this one […]