If you’re looking for the Hobbes to your Calvin, but in a way you can really sink your toes into, then Middle of Beyond has got a Tibetan-style throw rug for you. Each Tibetan Tiger Rug measures 72″ x 44″ and is hand-tufted from the wild pelts of a real-live hunk of 100% acrylic beast. The authentic […]

30 Jul
Destroy Alderaan from the comfort of your living room

Drop your star cruiser couch onto the Death Star rug which has kindly been made possible for your bedroom/mom’s basement/womanless nerd shed by Totem rug makers out of Canada. This 6’x6′ circle of awesome may just be the finest accoutrement any part of your house has seen since this Lebowski business. But why be the Dude […]

22 Aug
Tweaking Robert Indiana on what makes the world go round

Supreme knocks off American pop artist Robert Indiana’s iconic LOVE imagery for their own take on what makes the world go round. Part of the heavily hyped Fall/Winter 2011 Collection that was unveiled this morning, Supreme teams up with the with Japanese label Gallery 1950 for the strong messaged rug. Set to drop this weekend, […]

17 Feb
The perfect accessory for those who bowl, drive around, or have the occasional acid flashback.

Because the Chinaman is not the issue here. I’m not sure this 3×5 potleaf, Duddha-with-a-bowling-ball throw rug will cause any throwdown issues like any rug ever did for the Dude, but if I had $245 lying around, I’d throw on my jellies and toss this puppy down right by my bong and bowling pins. There […]

21 Sep
Pebbles Rug made of 100% New Zealand wool

While this Pebbles Rug is not nearly as cool as that Roadkill Rug, or even that Barenjager Bear Skin Rug, I’d have to say it’ll have a better affect on the female contingency visiting your apartment than the infamous Wampa Rug. Maybe not tho — maybe you’ve got an awesome girflriend that would appreciated a […]

18 Aug
Feel a little moss rub under your toes with the Larosé rug

Imagine walking out of the shower and feeling moss underneath your feet. Take a look around. You’re not in a forest. You’re actually in your own bathroom and stepping onto HoO Design’s new moss bath rug, Larosé. There is an obvious natural cycle: the rug, Larosé, collects the water as you step out of the […]

Hot off the success of last year’s much coveted Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, Thinkgeek are back with the ever-more tempting Wampa Rug. So now instead of outfitting your fireplace-side living room with a growling bear rug, you can spare one of god’s great creatures and slay a Wampa snow monster. The only thing separating this from […]

19 Mar
Endangered species meets Persian prosperity

This is just disgusting. I’m appalled at Lise Lefebvre’s so-called take on natural design, the Barenjager bear skin rug. I mean, there are only a handful of Persian Carpet Bears left in the world, and half of them live in captivity. The destruction of this bear could mean that the wall-mounted, singing fish population would […]