10 Aug
A soulful soundtrack to a NASA-inspired love story

Pittsburgh DJ/producer Kastle dropped a really interesting mix this week, one that heavily samples an interview by WNYC’s Radiolab with Ann Druyan. Druyan was interviewed about her NASA-driven love story with Carl Sagan and their role in the compilation of the Voyager Golden Record. “Toward the end of the summer of ‘77, NASA launched two spacecraft as […]

It’s almost impossible to try to define the music of Lumerians, so we’ll just run with their self-appointed description as a Space Rock quintet from Oakland, California. If you want to get a good idea of their influences, just press play on the streamed mix below that highlights an hour worth of their influences — […]

12 Oct
A musical tribute to two great men of science

Carl Sagan doesn’t really come to mind too often. Every once in a while when I look up at the cosmos or when life has me pondering just how insignificant this planet is compared to the universe he might pop in my brain. Same with theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking; last time dude came to mind […]