Zuriick is proud to present LIAS Year In Style, the third installment of our Best Of 2011 retrospective series (after ART and BOOKS). We obviously cover a lot of fashion here at Lost In a Supermarket, so extracting only 10 brands, items, stories and exclusive interviews was a tough job. Arguments were had. Sartorial accusations […]

25 Feb
Iron gloves and Trojan helmets for the sartorial pioneer in all of us

I know what you’re thinking: for so long you’ve wanted to start rocking that Luxury-Gladiator-With-Antlers look, but you had no idea where to get started. It’s a common obstacle that’s befuddled many an entrepreneurial trendsetter. Lucky for all sartorial pioneers, Rock N’ Bone‘s Couture line is here to supply you with handsomely crafted, $3,000 bedazzled […]

23 Nov
James Sherwood covers the history of the UK's most famous fashion street

Bespoke: the Men’s Style of Savile Row is a detailed book covering the history of bespoke tailoring — a British term used to describe tailoring to the fitter’s exact specification. What is actually just a very small street in London, Savile Row is known worldwide for its excellent bespoke tailoring. In this 256 page hardcover […]

15 Sep
Half leather jacket, half wool blazer

Looks like it’s a week for hybrid sartorial chimeras. First there was Lanvin’s half-boot half-shoe, and now Neil Barret drops this Blazer style jacket. It’s essentially a black leather jacket with a black wool blazer front — sort of like the mullet of jackets: party in the back, business up front. The back panel features […]