9 Feb
Celebrating SNL 's 40th anniversary, live from your coffee table

If you’ve ever so much as turned on a television (even a an old-fashioned boob tube, with dials on it and rabbit ears), you remember Saturday Night Live, the homestead of so many of the greats of contemporary comedy—the iconic sketch show born back in 1975 that has been alive longer than most of the comedic actors […]

1 May
Fred Armisen as the frontman of the only pro-Thatcher punk band

In one of the funnier Saturday Night Live skits of late, longtime SNL staple Fred Armisen plays Ian Rubbish — fictional frontman of the punk band Ian Rubbish & the Bizzarros. It’s pretty clear from the History Of Punk skit that Armisen is a huge fan of the music, as his portrayal of a late […]

3 Sep
A Sundance documentary about the horrific perils of social media

UPDATE: We’re re-posting a slightly re-edited May review of the documentary Catfish as it’s beginning to play in sold out screenings across the country in the upcoming weeks, so it seemed about right. The scariest movie you’ll see this year has nothing to do with paranormal activites, exorcisms gone haywire, viral zombies, lovelorn vampires or […]

11 May
JT and Samburg collab on another 3 minute dick joke

What else could you expect as followup to “Dick In a Box”? Love the Color Me Bad wardrobe and facial hair choices, altho I don’t know how many times they need Timberlake on SNL. Like “Jizz In My Pants”, I gotta admit the song ain’t half bad…

  My friend just sent me this link for a YouTube series called The Line. It’s 7 episodes long, and I found myself watching the entire set back-to-back. Of course, if I had a real job I probably wouldn’t be able to waste so much time, but I don’t. So whatcha gon do. Starring SNL’s […]