Australian label Thrills teams up with Queensland-based artist and ceramicist Dan Elborne on a beautiful series of porcelain skulls and accompanying bullets, all embellished with original scorpion floral artwork done by Thrills. As Thrills explains: “Dan has created a menacing contradiction between beauty and horror, juxtaposing the aesthetic beauty of porcelain and embellishment with the horrors […]

14 May
Scorpion Tequila for the love of Mexico

Auténtico Tequila Alacrán is a new brand of tequila created by a small coterie of friends in Mexico City who promise to do it for the love of the motherland. Translated as “Authentic Scorpion Tequila”, this small batch spirit is 100% real white tequila with a clean, pure taste. Hoping to target “creative, independent people […]

5 Apr
The Elf forgives the faults in lieu of the fun

First, I’m not claiming to be an unbiased movie reviewer here – I admit my love of the first Clash of the Titans has fully influenced my impression of this new one. It brought out the little girl in me and I pretty much couldn’t stop smiling throughout the movie, intellectually knowing that I was […]

Springfield Punx is pretty effing great. I wonder why Rupert hasn’t smashed his mighty octogenarian fist down on this fansite like he has all the others? This dude takes characters from around the entertainment universe and Groenipomorphosizes them, creating Simpsons versions of never-before-seen characters. Conan O’Brien, the Scorpion, even Rorsharch from Watchmen gets the re-edit. […]