4 Apr
You can never have too much Frazetta in your life

If you have any question about what Frank Frazetta meant to us over here, read Mr. Mundt’s eulogy to what we all believe was the greatest fantasy artist of all time. Dismissed by some as a comic and pulp book cover artist for most of his career, the man was truly a legend — screw […]

21 Jan
Silver and Swarovski umbrellas with some bite

Most umbrellas have the personality of a spoon — ever functional, but infinitely plain and unremarkable. But if you’re the type of person who likes his accessories to have some bite, then you may want to check out Archer Adams London‘s Westminster Umbrella. Fashioned with a silver-plated handle and of quality materials — including Swarovski […]

10 May
The greatest fantasy illustrator of all time finally meets his Death Dealer

It’s a sad day here at the secret headquarters of LIAS, as we just found out about the passing of Frank Frazetta, unarguably the greatest fantasy illustrator of all time. He inspired legions of fans and imitators alike, but his style could never be duplicated —there certainly were more precise artists, guys who could almost […]