1 Oct
A quick glimpse at one of Japan's most unique bike customizers

These short art films are often beautifully made, and here director Danielle Levitt does a nice job of emoting the inchoate ambiance of being in Japanese motorcycle modifier Shinya Kimura’s workspace. But sometimes it feels like a tease, and you desperately want to get a longer format version where you can actually sink your teeth […]

6 Aug
The founder of the ZERO style opens his workshop doors

I’ve been an appreciator of Shinya Kimura’s vehicular creations for a little while now, introduced to his “ZERO” style a couple years back by some friends. Shinya’s style is either love it or hate it — I know, because I’ve felt both ways. At first I couldn’t acclimate myself to the raw, hammered look of […]

23 Jun
Flying free in the California deserts

We brought you the unveiling of Falcon’s sophomore effort, the Kestrel, last month. While we got to see it run, the only thing the world saw was its sheer cosmetic beauty. Well the Kestrel is more than just a gorgeous showpiece, it’s also one helluva motorcycle (I wish I had video of the guy’s face […]

10 May
Elevating the custom build motorcycle to the next level

Spent the weekend at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California to cover the unveiling of Falcon Motorcycle’s sophomore effort, the Kestrel. As I said last week, the bike is truly a thing of exceptional beauty — a motorcycle that transcends a simple vehicle into the realm of true art and exquisite craftsmanship. And while […]

25 Sep
World Class bikes and photography tomorrow night in Costa Mesa, CA

Tomorrow night, Saturday Sept 26, Comune presents Karlson Tea Party at their Cost Mesa headquarters. Select motorcycles chosen for their historic importance and/or design excellence will be on display, as well as photographery by Adam Wright. Wright’s known for using a single lens Leica with no flash to capture all his images, a downright Dogme […]